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Non-Ticking Silent Wall Clock. Handcrafted stylish designing and different clock schemes meet all your home decoration need.

Product Description

  • Dimension: 11.4 x 21.2 x 1.1 In ( 129 x 54 x 2.8 cm )
  • Weight: 2.8 pounds
  • Colour: Pink and Brown
  • Package Including: 1 Clock and Decorative Accessories
  • Components: Box, Wall clock, and Fittings
  • Power Source: 1 x AA battery required (No included)
  • Material: MDF Wood, Acrylic, and Metal

Assembly Instructions

  • Step 01: Remove the double-sided tape in the back of stereoscopic stickers.
  • Step 02: Put it on the wall.




    • If using Wood Sticker Included with Product: Do not use on cracking, bending, or special material wallpaper. If you have silk wallpaper, you should remove a part of the coating with sandpaper or a sponge.

    • You can choose to use self-fusing silicon tape depending on the shape or state of the wallpaper, but we are not responsible for any damages done to the wallpaper.


    •  Check 1. Before Using: 
      Check that the hour and minute hands of the clock are not bent. If the clock hands are bent, the clock may malfunction. Our newly designed products’ hands are set to 12 o’clock in order to prevent them from moving as they get delivered.
    • Check 2. How to Use Wall Clock: 
      1. Don't overturn or put the clock face down on the floor when inserting the battery: Overturning or placing the clock face down on the floor can cause damage to the clock’s hands

      2. Please wait 10 minutes after inserting battery in the wall clock.

    Our clocks function very silently. The hands of the clock will not move immediately if there is no “seconds” hand. Therefore, you should check back after 10 minutes.